Optimising the Improvement of a Global Industrial Performance Based on AHP and Sugeno Integral Aggregation: Case Study in Moroccan Automotive Suppliers

  •  Mohamed CHAHID    
  •  Jamila ALAMI    
  •  Aziz SOULHI    
  •  Nourdine ALAMI    


The performance measurement systems (PMS) in the industry are defined in terms of various measures to be combined for global performance. The proposed approach treats with a qualitative approach for multicriteria decision with the improvement strategy of an overall industrial performance. The approach is based on a AHP and Sugeno integral aggregation operator, permits to express the global performance, according to the fuzzy set theory of appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the nonlinearity of this model, makes data ambiguous in the process of multicriteria decision-making.

Hence, this manuscript is a contribution to the selection of the strategy of the improvement of the overall performance. The approach applies to the Moroccan Automotive Suppliers to evaluate three strategies alternatives by using a fuzzy Sugeno Integral technique to deal with the complex interrelationships aspects between KPI.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.