Reliability Growth Testing Based on Dynamic Planning Methodology

  •  Lu Yao    
  •  Jing Yang    
  •  Jianjun Yang    
  •  Kai Chen    


The reliability growth test is known as to stimulate malfunction, analyze the cause of the malfunction and improve of the design designedly, and carry out tests is to prove the effectiveness of improving measures. A large number of projects practice has proved that reliability growth test is an important and effective way in various stages of the work of the equipment reliability growth. This model search for the optimum target of reliability growth testing to make the cost using in whole reliability grow project in a low amount by considering the reliability growth testing as one stage of reliability grow project and basing on Dynamic Planning Methodology. Through the use of Dynamic Planning Methodology to arrange the target value at every stage of the work, so as to achieve the purpose of the minimum cost of the whole reliability project. After the target value is confirmed at the end of the various stages of the project, the target of growth of the reliability growth test as one of the projects is also determined accordingly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.