Development of Equipment for Reinforcement of Road Surfaces by Means of Hydrojet Cementation

  •  Konstantin Golovin    
  •  Roman Kovalev    
  •  Julia Pushilina    
  •  Igor Afonskiy    


In building equipment there are machines using waterjet cementation (WJC) of rock to create cement rock constructions of different purposes. This technology is useful for road construction. The article includes data on mathematical modeling of waterjet cementation. The results of the mathematical modeling are used to adjust the waterjet cementation technology for the strengthening of road surface or other plane surface objects. Reinforcement of road surface can be carried out with jet-forming device, being placed directly at the subsoil surface or at some distance from the surface. The article provides a constructional description of the machine for strengthening the road surface with waterjet cementation method and also gives recommendations for determining its efficient operation modes. Waterjet cementation equipment for road surfaces allows significant simplification of modern major highway construction technology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.