The Methods of the Synthesis of the Nonlinear Regulators for the Distributed One-Dimension Control Objects

  •  Yury Ilyushin    
  •  Dmitry Pervukhin    
  •  Olga Afanasieva    
  •  Mikhail Afanasyev    
  •  Sergey Kolesnichenko    


In this paper the method of synthesis of distributed regulator, uniform control object is regarded, which is based on the specified inaccuracy. The function of the initial heating has been received; the mathematical modeling of the process has been conducted as well as the analysis of the results. With the help of the obtained regulator hardware and software complex has been designed in the Pascal programming language, the complex allows to simulate the behavior of the temperature fields in the isotropic rod. The article presents the simulation of the temperature process for different configurations of the system. Namely, there is simulation with different number of impulsive heating sources with the relay control principle. The practical results of these studies suggest the possibility of building silicon carbide heating element, made ??in the form of an isotropic rod.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.