The Production Method of High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

  •  Bauyrzhan Aimukhanbet    
  •  Vitaly Povetkin    
  •  Auezhan Turdaliev    
  •  Azamat Alpeisov    
  •  Manshuk Kerimzhanova    
  •  Mukhtarbek Tatybayev    


This paper deals with the questions of design, calculation methods, work reliability and providing a longer service life of hydraulic high pressure cylinders, with the possibility of using of additional technological solutions. This paper considers a method of assembling of cylindrical connections through a heating of a female part. Using these methods it is possible to improve a durability of force fittings, reduce a tightness and stress-strain state of assembly units, reduce time and energy costs for an assembling.

Offered technological method is related to machine-building hydraulic drive and can be used in coal, machine-building and other industries, in particular in mechanized supports for coal and other minerals underground mining. The design-engineering support was developed to improve reliability, work efficiency and operating characteristics of power hydraulic cylinders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.