Intensification of Cement Grinding with Apply Grinding Aids with Modify Effect

  •  Lyubov Shakhova    
  •  Iya Luginina    
  •  Roman Cherkasov    


For over 60 years technological additives used in process of grinding cement. Application of cement grinding aids can improve performance of ball mills, reduce specific energy consumption, and increase fluidity of cement during transportation and processing. Construction practice is characterized currently emergence and increasing use of so-called high-tech (effective) a new generation of concrete, suggesting the use of high quality cement. In work presents results of impact intensifiers on the grindability of cement based on different mineralogical composition of clinker. Offers original methodology for assessing of indicators intensifiers action on grinding process and qualitative characteristics of cement. Knowing positive and negative sides of each constituent component it is possible to try selection of compositions intensifiers with synergies effect considering mineralogical composition of clinker and material composition of cement. The presence of modifying component allows not only render intensifying effect in milling process, but to increase both early and late strength due to the formation of more dense and homogeneous structure of cement stone. It is shown that intensifiers with modifying additives allow not only affect on grinding process, but also on the process of hydration and morphology crystal hydrates, strength characteristics. In process of work we had determined, that among researched additives for two different cements, which differ from each other mineralogical composition, best results were obtained with used AI8 intensifier.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.