The Use of Multi-Criteria Decision Approach in Determining the Location for Solid Waste Disposal Facility in Ethiope East, Nigeria

  •  Ochuko Anomohanran    


This study employed the use of multi-criteria decision approach to identify the most suitable site for a solid waste disposal facility in Ethiope East, Nigeria. Nine decision criteria which were selected based on the characteristics of the area were investigated and ranked for ten different locations. The result of the hydro-geophysical criteria showed that the protective capacity of the aquitard in the survey area ranged from poor to weak. This is an indication that the siting of a solid waste disposal facility in the study area must follow acceptable standards to guide against exposing the groundwater to avoidable pollution. The analysis of the result showed that Samagidi, Isiokoro and Eku ranked highest with a value of 72, 70 and 70 respectively. The result also revealed that Samagidi is the most centralised site among the three locations that ranked highest. Hence it is recommended that a solid waste disposal facility to serve the people of Ethiope East Local Government Area be established in Samagidi.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.