Cuboids of Infrared Images Reduction Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  •  Igor’ Ishchuk    
  •  Andrey Filimonov    
  •  Valeriy Tyapkin    
  •  Mikhail Semenov    
  •  Evgenia Kabulova    


Currently, both in practice and in theory, there is an acute contradiction between the current state of scientific, technical, and engineering achievements in the field of aerospace monitoring and lack of sufficient volume of new knowledge (models and methods) about the peculiarities of thermal processes accompanying operation of hidden objects.

Removing this contradiction is substantially related to the solution of the problem on the solution of the actual scientific problem on developing thermal tomograms of the Earth's surface, based on the solution of the coefficient inverse problem, in order to find and discover the hidden objects during the monitoring of the Earth's surface using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The paper presents experimental data on the spatial distribution of thermal parameters of the objects. The paper reflects their effective thermal conductivity in the course of daily observations in the infrared wavelength range using unmanned aerial vehicles. The measurement results proved the possibility of obtaining a numerical evaluation of the visibility of objects through research of manifestations of thermal physic properties in the nature of the radiation of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.