Parametric Approach to the Assessment of Service Quality Attributes of Municipal Passenger Transport in Moscow

  •  Roman Sidorchuk    
  •  Dariya Efimova    
  •  Irina Lopatinskaya    
  •  Venera Kaderova    


The paper presents the results of research of passenger transport services in the city of Moscow by public transport. The research method is based on assessing the quality by using "Mystery Shopper" observation method. The peculiarity of the method involves the use of parametric indices outlined by researchers and affecting quality of the provided transportation service. These parameters include cleanliness, ticket-selling speed, presence of cellular signal, etc. The obtained results demonstrate that, given the existing features of automatic vending machines, they still cannot completely replace traditional ticket offices. The results of the research demonstrate that the applied method does not allow relating the presence of a particular inspected parameter to service quality perception by consumers. The researchers see the future direction of their work on the revision of the applied methodology in the part for calculation the level of satisfaction, for example, based on a special index. In particular, inclusion of the parameters of perceived quality, use of a multi-stage or stratified sampling to improve the representativeness of the research results, use of frequency measurement - 4 times per year to account for the seasonality factor.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.