Fine-Grainedcellular Concrete Creep Analysis Technique with Consideration Forcarbonation

  •  Said-Alvi Murtazaiev    
  •  Valeriy Lesovik    
  •  Deni Bataiev    
  •  Natalia Chernysheva    
  •  Magomed Saidumov    


The article is devoted to the problems of improving efficiency and cost reduction of fine-grain concrete at production of small wall products by complex use of fabricated raw materials in the form of TPP bottom-ash mixtures. The results of bottom-ash mixtures research and composite gypsum binders (CGB) for fine-grain concrete based on such mixtures are provided in the paper. Microstructure and morphology of fine mineral additives of slag and fly ash and prospects of using these components as filler in CGB composition are researched. The properties of fine-grain concrete and concrete mixtures on this CGB are researched: workability, porosity, density, strength, and deformation properties. Experimentally proven is the effectiveness of integrated use of local raw materials, including fabricated materials, in the production of CGB and fine-grain concrete based on it.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.