Finite Element Analysis’s Interrelationship Equation to Predict the Deflection of Rolled Homogeneous Armor Steel Plate Due to Explosion based on Different Explosive Masses and Plate Thicknesses

  •  Mohd Othman    
  •  Md Fuad Koslan    
  •  Ahmad Zaidi    


This paper presents the interrelationship equation to predict the deformations of square rolled homogeneous armor steel plate subjected to spherical shape trinitrotoluene charge by using finite element analysis software i.e. AUTODYN 3D. The investigation starts by producing computer simulation process using AUTODYN 3D so that a set of experimental tests deformations’ data of rolled homogeneous armor steel plate from a published work can be used to validate the computer simulations outputs and good agreements are observed. Parametric studies are then performed on the design parameters of the explosive and the rolled homogeneous armor steel plate, where the mass of the explosive and the thickness of the rolled homogeneous amour steel plate are varied and analyzed by using the AUTODYN 3D computer simulations. Curve fitting method is then performed to produce the interrelationship equation that could be utilized by researchers as an initial prediction method in determining the deformation of rolled homogeneous armor steel plate subjected to explosive charge and the interrelation equation is valid and can be utilized for a standoff distance of 200 mm, plate’s thickness of 15 mm to 30 mm and explosive mass of 1.5 kg to 10 kg.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.