Marketing Research of the Russian State Historical Museum Lecture-Hall Visitors

  •  Roman Sidorchuk    
  •  Olga Grineva    


The present paper demonstrates study results concerning visitors of the Russian State Historical Museum lecture-hall. Lecture-hall is a special space in the museum. To develop a marketing program for a lecture-hall, it is necessary to investigate its visitors. This study aimed at exploring the social and demographic characteristics of lecture-hall visitors; motivation for a lecture-hall visiting; duration of a series of lectures, and sources of information about the lectures. The study used a questionnaire survey of the museum lecture-hall visitors. These results demonstrate that the main visitors are middle-aged and elderly people, and lecture subject matters are the most important criterion when choosing a lecture. Popular are the lectures on the history of Russia and other countries. Short courses of lectures are most convenient for visitors. The main sources of information about the lectures are ads at the museum and online notifications. On the basis of the results obtained there were proposed recommendations for the development of communication and pricing policies of the lecture-hall.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.