Numerical Simulations of Exposed Circular Surface of Rolled Homogeneous Armor Steel Plates Subjected to Blast Loadings by Using AUTODYN 2D

  •  Mohd Othman    
  •  Lee Yuan    
  •  Mohd Yusop    
  •  Amir Ghani    
  •  Md Fuad Koslan    
  •  Jestin J.    
  •  Ahmad Zaidi    


Numerical predictions of responses of rolled homogeneous armour steel plates subjected to spherical trinitrotoluene blast loading plate are presented in this paper. Three simulation cases are modelled using a numerical simulation software, AUTODYN 2D in order to predict the plate deformations under blast loading effects of spherical trinitrotoluene high explosive charge. AUTODYN 2D utilises two dimensional modelling space or axisymmetric modelling space to simulate three dimensional actual experimental tests in order to speed up the computational processing time. Three main geometrical parts namely; air, trinitrotoluene and rolled homogeneous armour steel plate are modelled in AUTODYN 2D utilising the LAGRANGE and EULER element formulations’ solvers. Despite the limitations of the two dimensional modelling space utilised in AUTODYN 2D, the simulation results managed to give relatively good agreement (differences in the range of 9.91%-31.25%) with respect to the experimental results from a published paper.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.