Assessment of the Radiological Consequences of a Radioactive Release under Wet Weather Conditions in a Research Reactor Accident Scenario

  •  Boubker Belhaj    
  •  Tahar El Khoukh    
  •  El Mahjoub Chakir    
  •  Hamid Boukhal    
  •  Tarek El Bardouni    


Accidental releases of radioactive substances have a major concern on rescue and emergency personal because they can cause local or widespread contamination, endangering people and environment. The magnitude of these radioactive releases depends on several factors such as the source term, weather and topography. This study aims to evaluate the impact of rainfall on the dispersion of the radioactive cloud, especially on the ground deposition, exposure to the plume and the values of the Total Effective Dose Equivalent (TEDE). It was used the Gaussian model HOTSPOT. The scenario studied is an accident in a Pool type research reactor. Several simulations were performed with different precipitation rates. The results indicate that rainfall has a more or less significant impact on the dispersion of the radioactive cloud.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.