Thermo Shrink Films with Interval Macrostructure for Protection of Packaging from Falsification

  •  A. P. Kondratov    


A verification algorithm and new polymers to produce the elements of the counterfeit packaging protection have been suggested. Protective elements are made of polymer materials with the “shape memory” containing the parts that are significantly different in the degree and temperature of shrinkage under heating up to 95-100 °C. These materials are used to print a linear bar code with the EAN-13 symbology, specially distorted in proportion to the degree of the local film shrinkage. The identity verification of the packaging is carried out by reading the bar code before and after heat treatment. The dependence of the local shrinkage degree of the internal polyvinylchloride film with the “shape memory” on the temperature of the modification of the intervals, mode and method of heat treatment applied in the verification of the package identity has been studied.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.