Approach to a Message Routing for Wireless Mesh Networks with a Rapidly Changing Topology

  •  Anton S. Churaev    
  •  Konstantin S. Zaytsev    


A development of the major part of economy branches nowadays is provided through the wide scale adaptation of social networks, which are capable of connecting resources of both legal persons and physical persons. That trend requires a developed infrastructure based on new solutions for the aggregation of mobile devices in a so called wireless mesh networks. One of the central tasks of that aggregation is message routing in networks with a rapidly changing topology. The purpose of the presented paper is an attempt to analyze the main message routing algorithms in wireless networks with respect to mesh networks with rapidly changing topology, and to make recommendations for their improvement and development. As the primary reason, which prevents the achievement of a quality routing in networks with a rapidly changing topology, the instability of links between network nodes is considered. For the assessment of quality of channels between nodes, the implementation of following parameters is proposed: package transmission delay, available network capacity and time of life of a communication channel, which can be easily adjusted by empirically-selectable threshold values. For the solution of the task of message routing of wireless mesh networks with a rapidly changing topology, a criteria is proposed which implements weighted values of proposed parameters. The selection of threshold values of parameters and their weights in order to calculate criterion expression is the important part of a network design, and depends on its expected work characteristics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.