Dual-Channel Forward-Looking SAR Micro-Motion Targets Detection

  •  Chen Lei    
  •  Chen Dian-ren    
  •  Sha Sha    
  •  Liu Ying    
  •  Li Xing-guang    


It is aimed at the problem of forward-looking SAR micro-motion target detection in this paper. The traditional dual-channel SAR DPCA cancellation principle is analyzed and a dual-channel DPCA model of forward-looking SAR is proposed, the amplitude and phase characters of the signal after DPCA cancellation is studied, the distance domain of the micro-motion target is determined, then the micro-motion target detection is probability under different echo SNR with Monte-Carlo Operation, when the echo SNR is bigger than -5dB,and the target detection probability is greater than 90%.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.