Antecedents and Barriers to the Formation of Regional Innovation System: Case Study of the Kaliningrad Region

  •  Anna Mikhaylova    
  •  Andrey Mikhaylov    


The article summarizes various scientific approaches to the definition of the regional innovation system, while a certain tendency to consider it as a phenomenon similar to the innovation cluster is revealed. The study has shown the role of the state in the Russian model of the regional innovation system compared to the Asian, European, and North American approaches. A general unified goal is defined for the Russian regions in the process towards the formation of an innovation system. Authors have identified five main groups of factors that have a positive effect on the formation of the regional innovation system and a regional cluster as its core. Estimates on the process of the formation of the innovation system in the Kaliningrad region is given relative to all five groups of factors. Research results suggest certain barriers to the formation of the regional innovation system of the Kaliningrad region – the Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.