Sine Carrier for Fundamental Fortification in Three Phase Z-Source PWM Inverters

  •  Shajith Ali    


This paper deals with a novel natural sampled pulse width modulation strategy for three phase Z-source inverter through carrier modification. The proposed sine carrier method, which uses the conventional sinusoidal reference signal and a sine carrier, has a better harmonic spectrum and a higher fundamental component compared to the conventional triangular carrier based PWM. The sine carrier PWM enhances the fundamental output voltage while keeping the total harmonic distortion lower without involving changes in device switching loss. The detailed comparison of harmonic content and fundamental component of the sine carrier PWM output with the results obtained for the conventional PWM is also presented. Microcontroller is chosen for the hardware implementation of the switching strategy, mainly due to its high computation speed which can ensure the accuracy of the instants that gating signals are generated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.