Assessment of Toilet’s Indoor Air Quality in Relation to Asthmatic People

  •  Ismail Rahman    
  •  Jouvan Putra    
  •  Ade Asmi    


This paper presents an assessment on toilet’s indoor air quality on asthmatic people. The assessment was carried out by measuring temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and SO2 in the 4 selected toilets which are naturally ventilated. The measurements used two equipments that are Yes Plus LGA meter and Anemometer. It was done in early morning and break hours for 10 minutes within three (3) days consecutively. This study found that SO2 concentration in toilet 1 exceeded the threshold limit value of SO2 for 10 minutes exposure which means this toilet potentially trigger asthmatic symptom for those asthmatic people who frequently used this toilet. High concentration of SO2 was due to inadequacy of air velocity in this toilet. Inadequacy of air velocity means less ventilation and thus, increased the humidity which can stimulate the growth of fungi/mold in the toilet that affects asthmatic people.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.