Evaluation of the Quality of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports Using Lee and Colley Package in Niger Republic

  •  Zakari Mounir    


Until recently, absence or lack of adequate regulations and expertise in environmental studies’ field, projects executed in Niger were mainly based on technical and economic aspects; leading to unsatisfactory results with negative consequences on the environment. But, since the adoption of the Framework Law on Environmental management and Environmental Code by the Nigeriens authorities in December 1998; taking into account of environmental issues have become a requirement in all social and economic activities. Thus, Niger as other countries is using Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as one of the Environmental management tools. The EIA process is reliant on the information presented in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The aim of this paper is to investigate the quality of EIA using Lee and Colley package. The results show slight achievement of EIA, furthermore we also identified factors affecting the EIA in Niger.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.