An Auto-Landing Solution for a Drop Test RLV Demonstrator

  •  Peng Yong-Tao    
  •  Wang Yue-Ping    
  •  Wei Wen-Ling    
  •  Wang Xiao-Ting    


Unpowered drop test is very important for reusable launch vehicle (RLV) autolanding technology development. One of the challenges is to design an autolanding trajectory with enough robustness against uncertainties of drop conditions, aerodynamic characteristic and disturbances from control system and environment. In this paper, a   solution including trajectory generation and control design is proposed for a drop test RLV demonstrator. Firstly, the drop test and vertical flight trajectory are introduced. Also, parts of the drop flight, segments of landing trajecory and trajectory design parameters in groups are shown. Secondly, an online trajectory generation method including self-adapted capture segment plan and landing trajectory optimization following UAV auto-landing experience are illustrated in detail by designing groups of parameters. Then, simple but practical gain schedule control laws are presented. Finally, mathematic simulation and analysis based on both RSS and Monte Carlo methods indicate that the solution proposed has shown an acceptable robustness and can provide enough capability for the demonstrator to land saftly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.