Comprehensive Analysis of Auto Synchronization Techniques in Solar Photovoltaic Grid Connected Systems

  •  K. Dineshbabu    
  •  R. Ramaprabha    
  •  V Rajini    
  •  Kamal Bansal    
  •  Bala Vinayagam    


In this paper, an attempt to compare the performance of auto synchronization techniques such as zero cross detection technique, charge pump phase locked loop and synchronized reference frame phase locked loop has been made. The auto synchronization techniques are designed to reduce the mismatch between the grid voltage and inverter voltage parameters, which can further improve the delivered power quality thereby preventing grid islanding conditions.  Such three different systems are analyzed using MatLab-Simulink and their performances are compared in compliance with IEEE 929 standards prescribed for power transfer from inverter to grid and IEC 61727 / IEEE 1547 standards for harmonic limitation of grid connected inverters.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.