Performance Measurement Model for Moroccan Automotive Suppliers Using PMQ and AHP

  •  Mohamed CHAHID    
  •  Jamila EL ALAMI EL ALAMI    
  •  Aziz SOULHI    
  •  Nouredine EL ALAMI    


This research aims to develop a Performance Measurement model for Moroccan automotive suppliers. The study is done in two steps: First, it derives Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from the Performance Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ) and matches their weights by the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Then, the latter two are applied to build an overall performance formula for these companies. The findings of this work show that the Moroccan automotive suppliers consider the efficiency of the production system and the development of the Human skills as the foremost priority. Also, the global performance formula integrated others dimensions such as safety at work and favorable social climate. This finding should integrate strategies and policies for the decision makers in the Moroccan automotive sector.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.