Groundwater Level and Salinity Degradation in Farm Land through Groundwater Pumping Irrigation System in Coastal Area of Takalar Regency

  •  Darwis Darwis    
  •  Rakhim Nanda    
  •  Abubakar Idha    


This study is conducted to find out correlation between released groundwater volume and groundwater level and salinity degradation as well as to find effective infiltration holes formation for groundwater augmentation. It belongs to field experimental research. This study concludes some concerns, they are: (1) Groundwater condition in farm land of coastal area in Takalar Regency has undergone salinization and groundwater salinity escalation in every groundwater release is very high. Groundwater release volume is directly proportional to groundwater salinity escalation with relatively high rate on its escalation gradient; (2) Total degradation of groundwater level in coastal farm land ranges from 14 to 15 cm, and it is relatively low compared to total occurred degradation of groundwater level in observed inner land in early year (ranging from 100 to 150 cm); (3) Number of infiltration hole significantly affects escalation volume of augmentation and groundwater salinity rate degradation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.