Social Change, Spatial Articulation in the Dynamics of Boomtown Construction and Development (Case Satudy of Metro Tanjung Bunga Boomtown, Makassar)

  •  Batara Surya    


Lightning-fast physical and spatial changes of urban area stimulates modernization and accelerated construction in Metro Tanjung Bunga district. Physical-spatial change is preceded by the developed functions of new economic activities that emerge the entrance of migrants by infiltrative or expansive. Change of simple social formation into multiple social formation with precapitalist social formation and capitalist social formation therein affects local community marginalization. Working differentiation encourages social interaction process between local community and migrant which engenders social change in local community. Consequences of social change in local community are stratification system from simple stratification into stratification acuity and cultural change from traditional agrarian into industrial urban culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.