Measuring System for Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) Calibration in the Range of Low Pressure Gains

  •  Michal Strozik    
  •  Miroslaw Majkut    
  •  Slawomir Dykas    


The measurement by means of the PSP method in the range of low pressure gains (up to ±30kPa) may constitute a supplement to the low-pressure compressor stage research methods (pitot tubes, thermal anemometry, LDA). This paper presents an in-house PSP calibration system implemented in the Institute of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery of the Silesian University of Technology. The tests were carried out using a calibration chamber co-operating with a measuring system controlled by an original handler operating in the LabView environment. The pressure-dependent luminous intensity of recorded light was determined at different values of temperature and levels of excitation illumination. The system makes it possible to calibrate pressure sensitive paints and perform measurements in the range of pressure values occurring in the systems of industrial fans.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.