Spatial Variation in Groundwater Types in the Mt. Karang (West Java, Indonesia) Volcanic Aquifer System Based on Hydro-Chemical and Stable Isotope (?D and ?18O) Analysis

  •  Boy Alam    
  •  Ryuichi Itoi    
  •  Sachihiro Taguchi    
  •  Rie Yamashiro    


On the island of Java, groundwater use has significantly increased because of population growth and industrial development. Mt. Karang (a volcano in West Java, Indonesia) has the potential to be a significant groundwater source. Samples were collected twice from springs, dug wells and rivers (rainy and dry seasons). We used information about the aquifer system, hydrogeological conditions and hydro-chemical data to investigate groundwater sources and their associated recharge processes. Chemical data showed that samples belonged to the Ca-Na-HCO3 type in both seasons...

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.