Dielectric Response of Polyaniline Derivatives and its Effect on the Absorption Spectrum of Modified Copper Phathlocyanine

  •  Khalil Hamam    


The dielectric constant of polyaniline (PANI) derivatives, were investigated over the frequency range from 20 Hz to 1 MHz. The dielectric constant for PANI-base and PANI-salt pellets was decreasing as the frequency increasing. The PANI-salt dielectric constant recorded a huge value of > 108 at 20 Hz, and 104 at 1 MHz. The PANI-base dielectric constant recorded ~11 at 20 Hz and ~3.5 at 1 MHz. Their dielectric loss, dielectric loss tangent and ac conductivity were investigated as well. Optical absorption for PANI derivatives in a solution and thin film states were studied. The effect of the PANI-salt’s dielectric property in solution and thin film states on the absorption spectrum of modified copper phathlocyanine with sulfonic acid group (CuPc_TS) has been studied. We observed an enhancement of the absorption spectrum of the CuPc_TS to become more broadness and reached the red region of the spectrum compared to the absorption spectrum of CuPc_TS alone. We attributed the more broadness of the CuPc_TS spectrum to the improvement of the CuPc_TS relative permittivity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.