Design of PID Filter Controller with Genetic Algorithm for Mimo System in Modern Power Generation

  •  Anitha Mary. X    
  •  L. Sivakumar    
  •  J. Jayakumar    


In this work, a new technique based on Genetic Algorithm for designing multivariable PID filter controller has been developed and applied to gasifier control of ALSTOM benchmark challenge II. The coal gasifier is the main component in Modern power generation. Coal gasifier involves several performance and robustness requirements in addition to actuator constraints under three operating loads (no-load, 50% and 100% load). The proposed GA optimises the tuning parameters of PID constants in terms of robustness and performance. The optimised controller meets all design objectives under all operating conditions. Robustness of the controller is tested for step and sinusoidal pressure disturbances applied at the inlet of throttle valve along with increase and decrease of calorific value of fuel fed-in (coal). Simulation results obtained confirmed the superiority of proposed technique for gasifier problems.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.