The Physical Property Changes during Storage of 25-7-7 Analysis Grade of Suspension Fertilizer Processed by Luxen’s Method

  •  Pichai Triratanaprapunta    
  •  Yongyuth Osotsapar    
  •  Ravie Sethpakdee    
  •  Suphachai Amkha    


The production of 25-7-7 analysis grade of suspension fertilizer processed by Luxen’s Method was investigated for some physical properties changes during various storage periods. The solid instead of liquid raw materials were used in the production. The experiment was designed in CRD consisting of six storage treatments; 0, 7, 15, 30, 90 and 180 days with 4 replicates. The total urea was provided for Urea 1 being fed in clear liquid mixed solution stage and Urea 2 being fed in suspended solution stage. The process was to add Urea 1, xanthan gum, KCl, MKP, and Urea 2, respectively, into the cylindrical glass bottle which was mounted to the adjustable speeds of mixer and presented water. The resulting 25-7-7 analysis grade of suspension fertilizers were stored undisturbed at normal room temperature for various storage periods and its physical properties were analyzed periodically. The analysis of variance was performed using R statistical program. The result showed that pH of the suspension fertilizer ranged between 5.5-5.6 and specific gravity ranged 1.249-1.274 during all storage periods and there was nosignificant difference. The fertilizer viscosity increased as the storage times increased. The stability and the pour-ability were significantly decreased as the storage times increased. However, after six months, both stability and pour-ability were found to be above acceptable level. The changes in salting-out were found to be no significant difference among various storage periods. The result showed that the suspension fertilizers which were produced by Luxen’s method could maintain their appropriate physical properties during six months of storage times.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.