Optimization of Quickly Assembled Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Used in Temporary

  •  Na Lv    
  •  Liang Fan    


The temporary bridge is used to cross river, canyon, ditches and other obstacles duo to its simplicity, convenience for operation and short construction time.How to design the temporary bridge economically and install it quickly are the primary considerations to meet the load requirements and traffic considerations. Based on the structural optimization design theory, the Small Arch Bridge, which is a steel-concrete composite girder bridge and locates in Fu ling district of Chongqing city, is optimized using the linear programming method. In this method, first assume the cross-section of I-girder and the dimensions of deck as the design variables, the mechanical behavior of the whole bridge and the deformation stiffness as the constraints, and then find the minimized cost using MATLAB optimization tools. On the basis of the optimization results, this paper presented the arguments of I-girder and deck panel which meet the mechanical and economical requirements and could provide some references for bridges of like.

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