Analysis for EPB Shield Bracket Based on Ansys

  •  Baojiang Du    
  •  Yajun Yu    
  •  Pengpeng Ding    
  •  Weibin Lv    
  •  Fei Zhao    


This paper studies the working condition of EPB, calculates the bearing thrust and torque. It also analyzes the stress characteristics of EPB bracket in extreme working conditions by using the finite element method and gets the stress and deformation distribution of EPB bracket. Through grid refinement, the results of different mesh size are analyzed, the results show that: the maximum strain is convergence, but the position of the maximum stress produces stress singularity. The stress singularity results are amended by theoretical formula method in this paper, meanwhile presents an interpolation method called the critical method of interpolation, the value obtained by this method is more close to the true value. By using this method to interpolation calculate the existing analysis data and get the desired result. By comparing the interpolation results, calculation results and analysis results, it proves the feasibility of this interpolation method, provides a kind of effective method to solve the singular stress results, provides an effectual reference for structural improvements and design manufacturing of shield bracket.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.