Study on Design Method of SRC Abnormal Exterior Joint of Large-scale Thermal Power Plant Frame-bent Structure

  •  Xiaoli Yang    
  •  Guoliang Bai    
  •  Hongxing Li    


Due to the demand of manufacture technology, the main factory building forms intricate frame-bent structure, many abnormal joints with strong beam-weak column and changed beam and changed column. The bearing mechanism of abnormal joints is very complex, and design of those joints becomes the hard point in the design of large-scale thermal power plant. In order to improve seismic behavior of the thermal power plant frame-bent structure, the research group put forward SRC frame-RC dispersive short-pier shear walls mixed structure, and carried out SRC frame-dent structure sub-space model test. Based on the sub-space model test, the paper chose four typical SRC abnormal exterior joints to take the experimental research. Through the pseudo-static test of the joints, this paper mainly analyses the force-transmission path and bearing mechanism of the SRC abnormal exterior joints, and studies on the main factors which affect the shear capacity of joint. Besides, it puts forward some detailing requirements. Those may be references for practical design.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.