Cold Extrusion of Carbon Electrodes Using Dies of CRHS Concept and Performance Analysis

  •  Sami Ajeel    
  •  Ahmed M. Saleem    
  •  Farhad B. Bahaideen    
  •  M. Abdul Mujeebu    
  •  Hussain Alalkawi    


In this article cold extrution of carbon electrodes using the direct extrusion die that is designed  using one of the  theoretical concepts, Constancy of the Ratio of the Successive Generalized Homogeneous Strain-increment (CRHS), is presented. On the basis of the above concept we used three types of dies that are categorized as uniform (UCRHS),accelerated (ACRHS),and decelerated (DCRH) according to the deformation rates. All dies were with fixed reduction area of 50%. The mixture used (filler with binder) was extruded in round section carbon electrodes carried out at 60oC to 80oC. Ten samples are produced and tested for properties such as electrical resistivity, hardness, density and porosity. The results show that the extrusion die UCRHS is the more efficient die design for the production of carbon electrodes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.