Analysis and Research on Deformation Monitoring of Large Span Cable-stayed Bridge during Operating Period

  •  Jun Cheng    
  •  Cheng Zhang    
  •  Zengshun Chen    
  •  Jun Yang    


This paper studies the alignment of bridge, the vertical displacement of the pier, the offset of the tower, the deformation of the expansion joints and cable force based on an extra large span cable-stayed bridge in Chongqing. Secondly, the contents and methods of large span cable-stayed bridge monitoring were introduced. Then, the theoretical value related to deformation of the bridge is calculated by using finite element software. After that, the bridge deformation data on the site was measured. Finally, the bridge alignment, tower vertical displacement, tower deformation, expansion joints, tower of the measured values and the theoretical calculation values were analyzed on the basis of comparison. It is concluded that the bridge is in normal working condition. The analysis and research of large span bridge in this paper provides the basis for similar Bridges, which has good practical value.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.