Transverse Distribution Calculation and Analysis of Strengthened Yingjing Bridge

  •  Liao Xiaofang    
  •  Li Dongdong    


Box-girder has been adopted to strengthen bridge as large border girder, in which the original girders can be unloaded with box-girder bearing most loads. However, the load transverse distribution calculation method for it is still imperfect thus a modified calculation method is specially proposed to calculate the load transverse distribution in this case basing on existed methods. An engineering example is introduced to describe the calculation process and corresponding FEM model is established to validate the feasibility and applicability of this calculation method. Besides, comparisons between the load transverse distribution before and after strengthened are conducted which further proves that adding box-girder to the original bridge is an effective strengthening way.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.