Two-dimensional Simulation of Aerosol?Cloud Profile

  •  Azrul Nizam Alias    
  •  Mohd Zubir MatJafri    
  •  Lim Hwee San    
  •  Nasirun Mohd Saleh    


Developments of algorithm and computer graphics simulation are important to distinguish between aerosols and clouds in remote sensing data and images. The distribution of aerosols and clouds are needed to be known in order to study their interactions with one another and identify both affecting factors towards Earth’s climate stability. The objective of this paper is to expand the current work done in building new algorithm and simulation method to differentiate aerosols and clouds in spaceborne lidar data and images using image processing and computer graphics software, PCI Geomatica 10.1 and SCION Image. The new algorithm and simulation that has developed showed good results and clarify the vertical distribution of aerosols and clouds in the atmosphere. Plot profiles of clouds on both days showed higher pixel values than aerosol which are 255 compared to 234.04 and 244.11 for aerosols. Aerosols have been found consistently to have higher mean at altitude 0?5 km and 15?20 km on both days.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.