Modified Suspender Force Calculation Method of Suspension Bridge

  •  Li Dongdong    
  •  Liao Xiaofang    


Through the mechanical analysis of the suspenders of suspension bridge , the suspender is assumed to be a tensional beam pined at one end and elastically supported at the other end, basing on which the vibration shape function for axial tension beam is established and corresponding formulas to calculate the cable force are obtained. The relationship between the elastic support stiffness and the transverse difference between two ends is obtained according to numerous analyses on a suspension bridge. The suspender forces of Qingcaobei Yangtze River Bridge are respectively calculated using traditional method and the method in this paper. Comparisons between two calculation results are then conducted which proves that the method in this paper can meet the precision of suspenders with different lengths, especially to the short suspenders, whose calculation deviation can be controlled in the engineering allowance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.