Significant Factors Causing Time Overrun in Construction Projects of Peninsular Malaysia

  •  Aftab Memon    
  •  Ismail Rahman    
  •  Muhammad Akram    
  •  Nornashima Ali    


This study has identified the significant factors causing time overrun in Malaysian construction industry. Investigation through survey was carried out in central and southern parts of Malaysian among the respondents from three categories i.e. client, consultant and contractors. The feedback was received from 75 respondents against 300 companies contacted. The feedback was analyzed statistically which revealed that cash flow and financial difficulties faced by contractor, poor site management and supervision, incompetent subcontractor, shortage of workers and financial difficulties of the owner are major contributors of time overrun. The author recommends that the problem of time overrun can be controlled through proper planning of work, committed leadership and management, and effective communication system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.