Factors Analysis for E-Services Adoption in Jordan: A Technology Acceptance Study

  •  Ja’afer AL-Saraireh    
  •  Mohammad ALnbhan    


This work investigates the factors affecting the adoption and acceptance of e-services in Jordan. In which, requirements for successful e-services implementation is addressed, and significant barriers being faced by e-services users and developers are described. Results have indicated that ease of use, usefulness, credibility, self-efficacy and trust had positive effects on the e-services adoption in Jordan. However, risk and cost at the other spectrum had a significant negative effect. Outcomes of this research have drawn a number of practical implications achieving positive attitude towards e-services adoption and developing the employment of e-services applications. Such implications include; promoting its trust, decreasing the perceived risk and cost, overcoming services development obstacles, considering user’s capability concerns and increasing the awareness of e-services usefulness and ease of use.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.