The Precise Forming of Automobile Start Gear Shaft

  •  Lingxian Meng    
  •  Zhongming Liu    
  •  Yuanguo Zhang    
  •  Zhihong Zhang    
  •  Heping Zhang    


The start gear shaft is the key part of automobile starter, it is involute small module internal gear with addendum modification. It is step shaft with H/D>6 in the outline. Because of the concentric degree demand of the internal gear and the outline step shaft is higher, length of below shaft is large and diameter is small, So plastic forming of the shaft is very difficult. Meeting the needs of markets and improving comprehensive function of automobiles, the high efficient precision forming technology method of single-step chipless-forming for internal gear tooth surface and external step shaft is put forward based on analysis, study and repeated test. In the same time, a set of high accuracy die with simple novel structure and long service life is designed and manufactured. The advantages of the method have been verified that utilization ratio of material and production efficiency is high. For this reason, the method is profitable reference for producing the same type of complex shape gear shaft.

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