Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Large Self-anchored Suspension Bridge

  •  Li Yuanming    
  •  Tang Hui    
  •  Wang Shaorui    
  •  Wei Wenlong    
  •  Zhou Zhixiang    


The dynamic behavior of a large self-anchored suspension bridge was studied in this paper. A dynamic spatial finite element model of Taohuayu Yellow River Bridge, which is a super large span self-anchored suspension bridge, was created using MIDAS. Sub space iteration method was used to calculate its natural frequency and vibration mode, the dynamic characteristics and structure stiffness were discussed and analyzed on the basis of calculated results. Results show that the vibration modes are mainly vertical bending of deck, the stiffness of girder is small, in the first 10 vibration modes, out of plane sway and torsion of cable did not appeared, thus indicated this bridge was designed properly, and has a high performance in terms of anti-seismic. The results of this paper can also provide some references for the design, construction, health monitoring and maintenance of bridges of like.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.