Intelligent Assembly Technology Based on Standard Parts Feature of CATIA

  •  Baojiang Du    
  •  Xiang Wang    
  •  Yulin Feng    
  •  Dongping Yu    
  •  Gang Xu    


In the assembly design of aircraft, ship and automobile industry, it needs to assemble a large number of standard parts. An intelligent assembly technology based on standard parts feature of CATIA is studied in this paper. Through the secondary development of CATIA, it tests the shape feature of assembly base to create the assembly reference and assembly reference in order to realize the intelligent assembly of standard parts and the batch assembly for the standard parts with the same number. This method has been applied in the intelligent assembly systems of an aircraft design. The result proves that it has improved the efficiency of designer's work and reduced the work intensity in the assembly design.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.