Decoding and Functional Analysis of Genetic Programs of Hybrid Electromechanical Structures

  •  Vasyl Shynkarenko    
  •  Iurii Gaidaienko    
  •  Ahmad Al-Husban    


The results of decoding and genetic programs of structuration analysis of hybrid electromechanical systems are generalized in this paper. Authors established the determined interrelations between genetic programs, structure of periods and groups in periodic generating system of electromagnetic field primary sources, genetic codes of hybrid chromosomes, the taxonomical and functional variety of developing electromechanical objects of hybrid type. The quantitative structure and properties of genetically admissible variety of hybrid Types of electromechanical objects are defined. The results of evolutionary experiments confirming reliability of predictive function of genetic programs are given in this article.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.