Volumetric Mass Transfer Coefficient of SO2 Gas Absorption into Aqueous Sodium Sulphite Solution in Plate Column

  •  Jafar Majeed    


The volumetric mass transfer coefficient (KG.a) for SO2 removal from gas mixture into aqueous Na2SO3 solution was studied in a plate column at constant temperature ( 25 , and liquid holdup. The KG.a values were evaluated over ranges of operating independent variables: gas flow rate (QG), SO2 concentration in inlet gas (CSO2, in), and concentration of aqueous Na2SO3 solution (CNa2SO3). The experimental results showed that KG.a decreased with increasing of CSO2, in, increased with increase of QG, and CNa2SO3. The influence of gas flow rate on KG.a is more than the influence of SO2 concentration in inlet gas, and concentration of aqueous Na2SO3 solution respectively. Computer program Statgrhaphics/Experimental design was used to find the linear fitted models of the KG.a in terms of the dimensional and dimensionless of independent operating variables. The QG, CSO2, in, and CNa2SO3 have significant effects on KG.a, while the interactions of them have no significant effects on it, and could be neglected. The R-squared statistic indicates that the model as fitted explains 90.4949% of the variability in KG.a.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.