Design and Simulation of a Low Power Amplifier for CMOS MEMS Sensors Using Wide Swing Cascode Current Mirror

  •  Muhammad Mian    
  •  John Dennis    
  •  M Haris Khir    
  •  Nebyu Sutri    


We present a low power amplifier integrated with a wide swing cascode current mirror (WSCCM) based on PMOS transistors. To derive the low power amplifier a current of 120 uA is required, which is achieved by varying the widths of the transistors. The best result is achieved by varying the widths up to 6um with an output saturated current response of 120.04 uA. SECTPRE of CADENCE design tool is used as the design software to carry out the simulations. The proposed circuits are designed and verified in MIMOS 0.35 um CMOS and BSIM3 transistor model technology. The low power amplifier achieves an output response of 44.71 mV with a minimum power consumption of 0.485 mW.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.