Low Mass Gravitino: Re-Introducing the Superpartner as Dark Matter with Consideration to Inflation Due to Experimentation

  •  AC Tahan    


Superparticles including gravitons appearing in the laboratory due to a novel technique (Tahan, 2011, 2012) meant that the gravitino exists, concluded to have a low mass consequently requiring this affirmative presentation. A low mass gravitino would not have been problematic related to Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN) and baryogenesis if understanding a correlation between inflation and gravitino abundance (Ellis, Linde, & Nanopoulos, 1982), particularly when considering the particle to be dark matter and the lightest supersymmetric particle or superparticle (LSP). Gravitinos--proposed by this paper to be in the fifth dimension as dark matter--subsist because of inflation. This manuscript is a first discussion of the gravitino based on experimentation.

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