Microtesla Sensitivity and Noise of a Triple Collector Magnetotransistor

  •  Amelichev V. V.    
  •  Tikhonov R. D.    
  •  Cheremisinov A. A.    


The sensitivity of a bipolar magnetotransistor with the base in a well has been studied in a microtesla magnetic field. The noise was experimentally measured to compare the performance of two designs of dual-collector lateral bipolar magnetotransistor, which are formed in a uniformly doped substrate or in a diffused well. The noise decreases in a diffused well. Acquiring an adequate understanding of the mechanism underlying the operation of the device should help to improve its magnetic sensitivity. A low velocity of surface recombination and an extraction of the injected electrons using a base–well ?-n junction determined the operating mode with the deviation of two charge carrier flows.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.