Improving a New Logistic Map as a New Chaotic Algorithm for Image Encryption

  •  Omar Saraereh    
  •  Qais Alsafasfeh    
  •  Aodeh Arfoa    


Image encryption is not a new field, but the techniques used to encrypt images are constantly being re-evaluated. As computer processing power grows, the need for better encryption algorithms grows with it. In this paper, the attention was focused on the encryption of still images. In particular, a precise look at encryption using chaotic techniques was subjected. In this paper we present improving existing chaotic algorithm (NCA) for image encryption proposed in 2005. The analysis of the four existing encryption algorithms directed the work to conclude that it is possible to do this encryption much quicker, without much loss in the way of obscurity, robustness, correlation, or security. Therefore, we propose a new encryption algorithm that is essentially a modification of the NCA. The improving method created an encryption method for images that does not allow masks to be of any use in the cryptanalysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.